What three words describe where you are?

Peoples, Systems and Things have enthusiastically embraced the great services available at what3words.com or w3w.co for short.

What3Words describes where you are, by naming every 3m by 3m square on earth using just three English words (other languages available).  For example we can tell you of a nice shady spot to sit in summer in Randwick is at weds.tamed.actual and you can place it on a map by sharing w3w.co/weds.tamed.actual go on, follow the link and have a look.

In fact this simple and very useful tool, is far more powerful than you may think at first, and we are actively exploring the possibilities. So stay tuned on this “channel” or subscribe to our WebSite to stay informed. In the mean time explore its features further including our description here.

We are collaborating with a number of people and groups interested in various location technologies and evangelising the value of What3Words.

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