The Cloud for Couples?

People, Systems and Things has been an early adopter of Cloud apps and services since they appeared. I suppose it is inevitable that we may bring some of these into our personal lives. Here a few you may consider using with your better half or even a close business partner.

Google Keep – Allows notes and to do lists to be shared

  • Use it for Important reminders to each other
  • Maintain a reusable Shopping list you can both see
    (uncheck an item when something runs out)
  • Keep lists of things you need or lost items

Trello – Cards and Card Stacks – when a simple list is not enough.
Create Private and Shared Boards

  • Use it to list items and move them to a different card stack as needed
    For example to know where things are if you have a second address such as a holiday home
  • Use it to brainstorm lists of things before traveling
  • Plan everything for a big event such as a wedding
  • Keep lists of possible gifts for each other or friends and family

Google Calendars – Allows multiple Calendars for multiple Purposes

  • Share your calendars, so its easy to see when you a both free, for that important dinner or to respond to an invite.
  • Separate Work, Home and personal interest appointments on separate calendars but select which one(s) you want to see as needed
  • Plan your day in detail, and the gaps indicate to your partner when you are free

We will post more detailed tips on these tools at a later date.


What are your everyday tools in the Cloud, and which work well for couples. Please let us know on our Facebook page or WebSite.

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