Sick of email addresses like [email protected]?

Get yourself a Professional or Personal email address and keep using your current mailbox.

[email protected][.au] and other suffixes.

Do you know you can register your own domain name and keep it registered for two years for as little as $10 a year.?

With your own domain you can retain ownership for the rest of your life, and create as many email accounts or email forwarders you like.  You will no longer have to put up with extra numbers in your email address, because you can use any address you want.

As part of the registration process or separately you can then find yourself someone to host your domain in the DNS (Domain name system). This can be quite cheep and may include the option to host a website or just emails. It is actually easy to set up email forwarders which will simply forward any email to your new address to your existing email account, and in some cases you can set up your existing email to “send as” your new address.

Other advantages

With control over your email addresses you can create ones for different purposes such as;

In fact the opportunities are almost limitless. In future posts we will let you know more that you can do with your own domain.

Hopefully some of you will be more informed as a result of this post and I encourage you  to look into it further. Of course we at can help you find a creative domain name and host your site and email for you, so feel free to contact us. Soon we will have prices and quick order links, but in the mean time feel free to contact us directly.

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