Small to Medium Enterprise Services

Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) customer services from People, Systems and Things (PSaT).

With years of Information Technology (IT) experience and specifically translating Business needs into technical solutions, whilst simultaneously empowering business to understand the Information Technology they use,  People, Systems and Things understands you just want the technology to work for you. We also ensure you receive sufficient information, documentation and coaching so you are empowered to manage your business IT needs and reduce the ongoing support costs.

We understand your challenges

SME customers, with or without dedicated Information technology staff, have a challenging environment as they need access to appropriate technology to compete with larger organisations but can not afford to maintain permanent staff in specialist roles.  The pressure to be a jack of all trades or engage a range of service providers can be a real challenge. PSaT can help you here because we have a “Broad and Deep knowledge” of the Information Technology Services you need but we have no interest in locking you into a dependent relationship. Beyond our key services we prefer to act as a trusted partner in your business, providing the services you need and no more, helping you negotiate and manage other parties as needed. We do not push any particular technology, or shape our recommendations to achieve sales margins. Our Primary focus is professional Services.

How can People, Systems and Things can help a Small to medium Enterprise?

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