Your IT Manager (service) Virtual CIO

Your Freelance consulting IT Manager

Also know as a “Virtual CIO” Chief Information Officer.

People, Systems and Things understand Small to Medium Enterprise needs and as such have developed the “Your IT Manager” service. “IT” is of course referring to Information Technology, including mobiles and communications.

Let us act as your IT Manager, as required and with short sharp consultancy type engagements to address specific needs. This lets you tap into the value of having your own IT Manager without the on-boarding costs.

Your IT Manager (service) is a way of accessing all our available services and partnerships in a single engagement.

If a Freelance IT Manager sounds like the right thing for you see our Freelance IT Manager engagement details.

Let us help build the solutions you need for your business.

A “Freelance IT Manager” is an effective way to transition to a permanent IT Manager as your business grows.

What you may be “missing” with no IT Manager

Small to Medium Businesses focus on their core business and it is an expensive leap to employ an IT Manager. Instead many use one or more 3rd Party organisations to satisfy their IT Requirements. Whilst this is effective for a large percentage of the time the following additional services tend to be lacking in this approach;

  • Having someone who understands your business
  • Someone capable of documenting your requirements independently forĀ  different projects or providers along with a developing permanent knowledge base
  • The ability to review and compare 3rd Party solutions
  • Proactively planning your businesses future IT Requirements
    • Advance planning of events that will impact your business from moving premises to growth, or new products and services
    • Identifying opportunities to win a strategic advantage
    • Modernisation and productivity improvements
    • Keeping up with your competitors
  • Someone with expertise and business knowledge to write tenders for 3rd Party products or services and interpret the submissions
  • Management or Executive support and advice on Technical solutions including personal development and coaching in technology
  • Identifying and planning process automation and redesign
  • Identifying Security and other technical risks and developing a plan to manage these
  • Contingency planning and disaster recovery to help you respond effectively to unexpected events from theft, to hacking and even flood or fire
  • Recruiting a Permanent IT Manager when the time comes
  • any or all other issues that a permanent IT Manager can help you with.

Want to know more about your own “Freelance IT Manager” or engaging People, Systems and Things on a consultancy basis for any of the above services?

Then please Contact [email protected] or on 0407 06 3510 in Business hours, and ask about a Freelance IT Manager.

If a Freelance IT Manager sounds like the right thing for you, see our Freelance IT Manager engagement details.

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