Individual Client Services

People Systems and Things provides services for individual clients. Many of our services are available to individuals for personal brands and Information technology needs, many of these can be found in our “Small to Medium Enterprise” Services section. However we also have services especially crafted for individuals including the below.

It Services

  • Using Internet and cloud services for personal productivity
  • Supporting the Mobile and remote worker
  • Building an Internet Presence (WebSite, Email and Social media)
  • Get yourself an Email and Website domain name, with low cost hosting and we can support you. See Creative domains
  • Home Networking, Computer services and backups
  • Tools for the Home, hobby and Domestic environment


  • IT support and Coaching for computer literacy
  • IT support and Coaching for the Employee
  • Coaching for computer anxiety and literacy
  • Coaching for using Computers or Smart Phones


  • Using the “Sustainable Systems Method” from your fridge to you car or your whole house
  • Consulting and advice on improving Domestic Sustainability


from concept to realisation