Enterprise Social

Enterprise Social refers to the adoption of social networking within and across enterprises. While many of the below details are relevant to Small to Medium Enterprise please see Enterprise Social for small teams.  A social Enterprise has the capacity to do the following;

Internal effects of a Social Enterprise

  • Increase internal communication
  • Build employee satisfaction
  • Break down the towers
  • Collaborate, better, faster and with more diverse teams
  • Collect experts together and build Communities of Practice
  • Change the Culture of an organisation for good
  • Provide a means to influence Organisational Culture
  • Enable the Organic growth of special interest groups
  • Reduce email traffic and its inherit problems
  • Provides an alternative to travel and large gatherings

External Effects of a Social Enterprise

  • Informal networks can respond quickly to a Crisis or customer need
  • You can bring your customer into conversations
  • Increased staff satisfaction and efficiency reflected in customer experience

Our Experience

People, Systems and Things, Specifically Anthony Muscio, has considerable experience with enterprise social.  Specifically Yammer.com including but not limited to experience as follows;

  • More than 6 years Experience with Social Enterprise (Yammer)
  • Early adopter prior to purchase (Freemium version)
  • Evaluation of an alternate solution
  • Produced Recommendations contrary to status quo that was eventually adopted
  • Recognised as a Champion
  • In the top 10 of 45,000+ users for all key performance measures (Engagement, ….
  • Creator and administrator of key and popular groups including help , administration, security and Special Interest groups
  • Provided One on One coaching for members of the senior leadership team an their Personal Assistants
  • Provided team and group training sessions to promote  effective use
  • Prolific contributor yet obtaining clear benefit to work
  • Growing to a 45,000 Plus network

from concept to realisation