Multi-disciplinary troubleshooting

Business and Information Technology troubleshooting, is both an art and a science. PSaT is experienced in all support levels defined below for clarity.

Support Levels

  1. st,  Level telephone Support and Management or Helpdesks
  2. nd, Level Technical support that requires specialist skills
  3. rd,  Level support cross domain expertise, typically last resort
  4. th,  Level support,  Multi-disciplinary troubleshooting, cross domain and specialists, including multiple vendor relationships.

PSaT can be engaged for the following related troubleshooting services

  • 1st thru 4th Level support for our Products and Services
  • 2nd thru 4th Level support for your IT environment
  • Proactive research and development of your IT support Processes to reduce problems and enhance resolution rates
  • Work with your existing IT and Support vendor Services to improve outcomes
  • Support Staff Training needs analysis
  • Support staff Development and training

PSaT Multi-disciplinary troubleshooting principals

  • Root cause analysis
  • Solve once, solve many times
    • Act to reduce likelihood of re-occurrence
    • Document to hasten future responses (our records)
    • Document in your Knowledge Base
  • Continuous improvement
    • Our Processes
    • Your Environment and Processes
    • Staff Capability uplift
  • Recommend proactive activities

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