Enterprise and Corporate Services

People, Systems and things provides services to the Enterprise and Corporate sectors. The following services are available on a one off or part-time fee for service or contract basis. Perhaps our Small to Medium Enterprise services are more suitable.

  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • SharePoint Design
  • Business Systems analysis
  • Enterprise Social media and Cultural Change
  • Concept design
  • Solutions design
  • Independent reviews
  • Sustainable Systems Method
  • Multi-disciplinary troubleshooting

If you are not an Information technology specialists or new to the field, you may find one on one coaching sessions (personal and confidential), helpful to deal with computer anxiety or poor computer literacy. We have trained Executives and Personal assistants in one on one sessions to better understand the technology in their life. If you think this may be what you are after contact us and we can plan a path to help you progress. See our Individual Client Services.

from concept to realisation