Running out of GMail Space? Want a quick solution?

I was an early adopter of gmail from Google, and I can’t speak too highly of it. There are great tools and features and the advertising that is associated with it’s free service, is reasonable and not intrusive, so much so, if it is relevant to me I do have a look at what advertisers offer. You can even tell google what adds are inappropriate.

I use a single In-box to service a range of email addresses as well which means I was until recently approaching my free 15Gb storage limit. I will post on tips and tricks with GMail in future posts but what follows is a quick and easy way to recover space from your GMail account.

To see how much space you are using select the settings cog at the top right,


At the bottom of most settings tabs you can see your usage


Perhaps you can leave it if you have less than 90% used, but sooner or later you may have to act.  Select manage and you can look in more detail. Mouse over the pie chart for a indication of what is using your space (not only email contributes to this limit)


If you do need to remove some emails to increase the available space, Return to your in-box and follow these easy instructions.

Choose your Primary or other tab such as promotions, if you have this feature. Then select the first example of a reoccurring email you know is filling up your in-box, you may want to unsubscribe at this point if you don’t care for them. Now follow these quick steps to eliminate them.

Open one of the repetitive emails, then select more and Filter Messages like these;


The filter dialogue will appear, something like this;


It will sometimes look different and you can use the other options to refine your filter further.

Now select the Search button


A list of emails that match will appear. Notice how they show the most recent first, after a page or two you will be looking at quite old emails and their potential value diminishes.

Now select the check box at the top left of the list of emails and it will check all items in the list you can see;


If you have more than the displayed number of emails, that meet your filter settings the following will appear;


Scan through the list of emails to confirm you are happy to delete them. You may want to click the Next to check ones that are not yet displayed.


and again;


Notice how it may have being lying. If you are confident you can delete all matching emails, click on Select all Conversations that match this search.


and you will see


Now click on the trash can


Then Click OK to confirm the batch action

All the emails will be placed in the Trash. Messages that have been in Trash more than 30 days will be automatically deleted.

Do this for a few more of your space wasting emails and you will recover a lot of space.

Of Course, if you want to, you can buy more space and you may need to, if you use Google Drive or Photos a lot.

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