People, Systems and Things – its all in the name

People, Systems and Things – its all in the name


People are what matters to us and what people do matters to the whole earth. We are responsible for how we relate to each other and the systems we create, use and depend on.


Systems is our middle name at People, Systems and Things. We look after and develop systems and we mine systems knowledge from the most successful and complex systems we know of.

Systems make the world work, be it natural or man made systems. What most have in common is they appear complex but experience shows they often share things in common and understanding this allows us to extract principals which reduce complexity especially when we learn how to apply those principals to achieve the required results.

and Things.

Things exist or are created by people and systems. Materials science has been behind most technological revolutions but today a new revolution has started. The internet of things.


In recent decades threats to our environmental foundations and increasing knowledge of eco-systems has taught us the value of sustainable systems based on diversity that help build strength and resilience in the face of disruption.

With 30+ Years of information technology and communications experience behind us we are well placed to deliver solutions using state of the art resources in the cloud and on premises.
Based on an understanding of science, backed by evidence – People, Systems and Things uses this rich source of knowledge to inform sustainable and efficient solutions to social, environmental and business problems.

from concept to realisation