Need to charge any Phone or Tablet in a hurry?

Follow this tip to charge your device much quicker and at no cost.

Here at People, Systems and Things we love our gadgets and come to depend on them. Dependence on anything powered by battery has its drawbacks.

Have you ever being about to leave on a flight, or a long road journey and you are not sure if you can plugin for a charge en-route? Well hopefully you will have a power bank (charged before hand) but then you may want to keep this backup power for when you really need it.


This will not work for all devices, but it has for many we have used. The Tip?

  • Simply switch it off, all the way off, power down and plug it in.
  • Use as short a USB Power cable as possible as this too can slow a charge,
  • and make sure you are using a higher amperage USB port such as a mains power connected 2A Socket.
  • If you are charging a phone, consider forwarding all calls to another number for the time you need to charge.


The result?

We have anecdotally found the recharge time to be half of our switched on devices. It makes sense, no power is used while charging, the device is not as hot as it could be when on, and may not “back off” on the charging process as a result, and you can’t use it in this state so you will keep your wandering fingers off it.

Please let us know if you have any additional tips for this kind of scenario. can help you with all your computer needs so contact us if you need further help.

Sick of email addresses like [email protected]?

Get yourself a Professional or Personal email address and keep using your current mailbox.

[email protected][.au] and other suffixes.

Do you know you can register your own domain name and keep it registered for two years for as little as $10 a year.?

With your own domain you can retain ownership for the rest of your life, and create as many email accounts or email forwarders you like.  You will no longer have to put up with extra numbers in your email address, because you can use any address you want.

As part of the registration process or separately you can then find yourself someone to host your domain in the DNS (Domain name system). This can be quite cheep and may include the option to host a website or just emails. It is actually easy to set up email forwarders which will simply forward any email to your new address to your existing email account, and in some cases you can set up your existing email to “send as” your new address.

Other advantages

With control over your email addresses you can create ones for different purposes such as;

In fact the opportunities are almost limitless. In future posts we will let you know more that you can do with your own domain.

Hopefully some of you will be more informed as a result of this post and I encourage you  to look into it further. Of course we at can help you find a creative domain name and host your site and email for you, so feel free to contact us. Soon we will have prices and quick order links, but in the mean time feel free to contact us directly.

The Cloud for Couples?

People, Systems and Things has been an early adopter of Cloud apps and services since they appeared. I suppose it is inevitable that we may bring some of these into our personal lives. Here a few you may consider using with your better half or even a close business partner.

Google Keep – Allows notes and to do lists to be shared

  • Use it for Important reminders to each other
  • Maintain a reusable Shopping list you can both see
    (uncheck an item when something runs out)
  • Keep lists of things you need or lost items

Trello – Cards and Card Stacks – when a simple list is not enough.
Create Private and Shared Boards

  • Use it to list items and move them to a different card stack as needed
    For example to know where things are if you have a second address such as a holiday home
  • Use it to brainstorm lists of things before traveling
  • Plan everything for a big event such as a wedding
  • Keep lists of possible gifts for each other or friends and family

Google Calendars – Allows multiple Calendars for multiple Purposes

  • Share your calendars, so its easy to see when you a both free, for that important dinner or to respond to an invite.
  • Separate Work, Home and personal interest appointments on separate calendars but select which one(s) you want to see as needed
  • Plan your day in detail, and the gaps indicate to your partner when you are free

We will post more detailed tips on these tools at a later date.


What are your everyday tools in the Cloud, and which work well for couples. Please let us know on our Facebook page or WebSite.

People, Systems and Things – Internet Launch

Today we launch People, Systems and Things.

People, Systems and Things will be a valuable source of business and personal productivity tips and services. Presenting a large portfolio of “Information Technology services”, Internet services, and a keen focus on “Sustainable solutions” we have a lot to share, and guarantee to keep you interested.

We will also be inviting you to share your problems and solutions, identify what you really need and reward you with solutions and freebees.

You can follow us to receive tips, tricks and build your own skills and capabilities. Keep abreast of what we are doing on subjects such as;

  • Personal Brands, Productivity and Information Technology
  • Small to medium Enterprise (SME) services including our Freelance IT Manager service
  • Internet website and email development and hosting
  • Using what the cloud offers
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Business to Business services, Joint ventures and collaboration

We will also announce additional content and services around both The Internet of Things and a Sustainable Systems Method and some open community projects soon.

Some tips and tricks coming soon

  • Get yourself a Professional or Personal email address and keep using your current mailbox
  • Simple ways to solve complex problems, yes almost any problem
  • Identify and workaround wifi congestion around your home or workplace
  • Sharing your Social Media updates across multiple networks such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn automatically.
  • How to use the cloud to collaborate for business and family

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PSaT Services updates underway

People, Systems and Things can deliver a wide range of Business and Information Technology services to our clients. We are currently in the process of populating our website with these services.

We hope that the way we are organising these under the Services menu on our site at is helpful, We suggest you look around and perhaps start with one of our headline services or select an applicable segment such as Enterprise and Corporate, Small to Medium Enterprise or Individual Client Services.

If you have a specific need please search the site or send us an email, or phone us and we will identify if we can help you.  Otherwise we will help you find someone.

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Pre-launch Post

People systems and things (PSaT) is preparing to Launch
“on the internet” soon.

In addition to providing a considerable range of “Information Technology services” for Corporate, Small to medium enterprise and even services for Individuals, we will be providing tips and tools that most people can use to get the most from Information Technology.

However PSaT is about more than Information technology so do learn about the “Sustainable Systems Method” and our focus on Things.

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