Kill the caps lock

How often is the Caps lock key a problem for you?

  • You are typing away only tO FIND you need to delete and retype a word or a whole sentence?
  • Or you try twice to login with a password to discover the caps lock key was on, or worse you lock yourself out because of too many attempts?
  • Do people complain your are SHOUTING too much in social media?

Now tell us when do you use the caps lock key for a serious purpose?

I thought so, most likely never!

Perhaps it made sense when;

  • Pressing two type writer keys at once was hard work
  • We did not have heading styles to nicely format headings so used all caps
  • Auto capitalisation on a new sentence was not available
  • You are a professional touch typist who never makes a mistake

I killed the caps lock key

For me I see no advantage having a caps lock key and the disadvantages occurred half a dozen times every day. Sometimes fixing the problem was frustrating and time consuming. So what did I do?,

I killed the caps lock key on my computer. I used SharpKeys to remap the caps lock key to the more benign shift key and have not looked back.

A feature on your computer, a utility or some registry hacks can be found to remap keys on any computer. Just search for a solution to suit you computer and operating system and I think you will be pleased. But don’t go overboard, because too much re-mapping will cause new problems and every now and then you will need to use another keyboard or computer.

Please let us know where else caps lock gives you grief or other key remappings that people could use.


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