Need to charge any Phone or Tablet in a hurry?

Follow this tip to charge your device much quicker and at no cost.

Here at People, Systems and Things we love our gadgets and come to depend on them. Dependence on anything powered by battery has its drawbacks.

Have you ever being about to leave on a flight, or a long road journey and you are not sure if you can plugin for a charge en-route? Well hopefully you will have a power bank (charged before hand) but then you may want to keep this backup power for when you really need it.


This will not work for all devices, but it has for many we have used. The Tip?

  • Simply switch it off, all the way off, power down and plug it in.
  • Use as short a USB Power cable as possible as this too can slow a charge,
  • and make sure you are using a higher amperage USB port such as a mains power connected 2A Socket.
  • If you are charging a phone, consider forwarding all calls to another number for the time you need to charge.


The result?

We have anecdotally found the recharge time to be half of our switched on devices. It makes sense, no power is used while charging, the device is not as hot as it could be when on, and may not “back off” on the charging process as a result, and you can’t use it in this state so you will keep your wandering fingers off it.

Please let us know if you have any additional tips for this kind of scenario. can help you with all your computer needs so contact us if you need further help.

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