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Enterprise social vs Email

Most internet users today are familiar with email and it continues to play an important role however many of us are aware of some of its limitations.

Watch the following video to really grasp the issue.

The answer is to use other means of communication for a lot of our collaboration and communications. Enterprise social is a great example of tools fit for purpose and Yammer is a great example (Now part of the Office 365 stable), such tools fit into the category

Email is a great “universal address”, allows you register for sites and other services and is good for a whole lot more, but the time has come for the “internet crowd” to get a little more informed.

People, Systems and Things can help individuals get the most from social enterprise solutions as well as build a culture of “The Conversation” in your organisation.

What three words describe where you are?

Peoples, Systems and Things have enthusiastically embraced the great services available at or for short.

What3Words describes where you are, by naming every 3m by 3m square on earth using just three English words (other languages available).  For example we can tell you of a nice shady spot to sit in summer in Randwick is at weds.tamed.actual and you can place it on a map by sharing go on, follow the link and have a look.

In fact this simple and very useful tool, is far more powerful than you may think at first, and we are actively exploring the possibilities. So stay tuned on this “channel” or subscribe to our WebSite to stay informed. In the mean time explore its features further including our description here.

We are collaborating with a number of people and groups interested in various location technologies and evangelising the value of What3Words.

PSaT Services updates underway

People, Systems and Things can deliver a wide range of Business and Information Technology services to our clients. We are currently in the process of populating our website with these services.

We hope that the way we are organising these under the Services menu on our site at is helpful, We suggest you look around and perhaps start with one of our headline services or select an applicable segment such as Enterprise and Corporate, Small to Medium Enterprise or Individual Client Services.

If you have a specific need please search the site or send us an email, or phone us and we will identify if we can help you.  Otherwise we will help you find someone.

Any services added after this initial load will be included in subsequent news/blog posts. So you may wish to subscribe.