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Content continues to be added to the Sustainable Systems Method Site

We are yet to launch the Sustainable Systems Method and its website but feel free to visit the site. Please subscribe or contact us if you wish to learn more. We will be looking for small to medium enterprises soon to become founding partners. We want to identify friendly organisations who are committed to sustainable environmental social, human and natural systems. Such partners will receive free services in return for feedback and contributions.

Pre-launch Post

People systems and things (PSaT) is preparing to Launch
“on the internet” soon.

In addition to providing a considerable range of “Information Technology services” for Corporate, Small to medium enterprise and even services for Individuals, we will be providing tips and tools that most people can use to get the most from Information Technology.

However PSaT is about more than Information technology so do learn about the “Sustainable Systems Method” and our focus on Things.

Activities from this blog (not including this message) can be found in the following locations;

For more information on the Sustainable Systems Method and People, Systems and Things please visit their dedicated sites or People Systems and Things Consolidated.