Using a Browser for work. Tips and Tricks

Many powerful applications, websites and services including Office 365 are available online and in the Internet browser. As a result we are using the browser more and more to do our job. Here is a collection of tips that can improve your productivity. Please feel free to contribute more.

Use the Browser Zoom

On Windows PCs and common browsers holding the Ctrl key and rolling the Mouse Button allows you to zoom in and out on many screens. Adjust it to the size you need at the time. Make it easy to share the screen with someone sitting next to you, or get a big wide view to see the full page.

Back and Next

Learn when using the Back and Forward Button (next and Previous) in your browser to return o the last page or return. In some cases this will not work, but once you learn where you can use this returning to you last place and can be very useful.

Follow links the smart way

Webpages usually have a lot of links on them and clicking them can take you to a new page but sometimes it is not easy to return, or you would like keep the first page open. Learn how to open a link in a new page or Tab as a way to keep the first page open Right-Click a link in Windows as an example.

Use your Browsers Pin Tab, Group tabs and default tabs features

This can make you workday start quickly by preparing the tabs you need as soon as you open the browser. I use Pin Tab and reopen last tabs features to prepare my browser for everyday tasks in FireFox.

Create Browser users

In Chrome you can create different users of chrome, and these can have their own default tabs, saved login credentials and pined tabs. Create a Shortcut to access each user for different functions. You can even use productivity techniques to ensure you are not distracted by emails and messages while you focus on specific tasks.

Close Tabs and Browsers to save memory

Using a Plugin such as OneTab in Firefox and Chrome lets you quickly close all open tabs (excluding pinned ones), but OneTab saves all the open tabs into a list of links, so they can quickly be reopened. Do not fear loosing a valuable lead in you effort to reduce the demand on your computers resources. Having many tabs open can be confusing and distracting but also may use a lot of your computers resources and closing them help the computer run faster.